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December 8, 2014

New Children's Series in Pre-Production in Adelaide

Rich Entertainment CEO Stephen Richardson today announced the first day of pre-production on the first episode of Clown Corner, a new children's comedy series.

The live action series tells the behind-the-scenes story of a circus troupe in a world where all the inhabitants are really clowns.

"The world we've created is different from anything we've seen in children's TV. It is the world of the imagination, but it looks like real-life. The big difference is that everyone is a clown - the performers in the circus troupe are clowns, but so are the people in the street, the baristas at the cafe, and the porter at the local hotel" says Richardson.

Pre-production began this week at the Rich Entertainment studios in Port Adelaide installing the 42-metre custom designed Clown Corner set. It includes a big-top, a hotel, a café, and a dramatic street-scape.

"Unlike the 'lolly-pop sets' used in so much children's TV, our set is designed to be more realistic. It could be any urban setting. It's almost real - except that everyone in town is a clown!"

The show, aimed at the 3-6 age audience, is scheduled to begin rehearsals on March 1, 2015, with filming from April 1, 2015.

"We have developed the scripts to convey values and attributes that we believe are especially important at this age: Being considerate, working together, and being a good friend. There is no violence or bullying, nobody gets hurt, and nothing is scary."

"We've also been very careful to avoid the gender stereotyping that you still see in children's TV, even in new shows being produced today," says Richardson.

Rich Entertainment is planning a first series of 13 x 10 minute episodes. Each episode will be a 'slice of life' adventure using physical comedy, juggling, and circus tricks to tell the story.

"We have taken our inspiration from the grand traditions of vaudeville, and opera, as much as the circus. There is even a touch of Shakespearean comedy too. We believe this will be something quite unique in children's entertainment."


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