A Show Children will Love and Parents can Trust

Clown Corner is a new and original live-action comedy show from independent TV producers Rich Entertainment.

This colourful, creative program enriches, entertains, and engages its audience. It is funny, it is original, it is authentic, and it embodies strong ethical values. The ensemble includes many memorable characters: Penny, a bright young clown who is always creating havoc; Billy, her best friend, who is not quite so confident is never far behind; Chef is the heart and soul of Clown Corner; and Circus Hand who is always there to put things right.

Clown Corner tells the behind-the-scenes story of the Clown People in a world where everyone in town is really a clown. The show reveals the hidden world of the Clown People for the first time. It is the world of the imagination, but it looks like real-life. The gritty urban setting is almost real – it could be hidden away in a city near you. Each episode will be a ‘slice of life’ adventure using physical comedy, juggling, and circus tricks to tell the story. This is a fun-filled show that all the family can enjoy.

Clown Corner is pure entertainment but it also conveys important values and attributes that are especially important for young viewers such as being kind, working together, having fun, and being a good friend. It values its young audience as being curious and creative viewers. There are plenty of visual gags and buffoonery but there is no violence or bullying, nobody gets hurt, and nothing is scary.

Importantly (breathing a sigh of relief...) there is no predictable gender or other stereotyping that still appears in children’s TV, even in new shows being produced today. Many of the key characters are female and Penny, a bright young Clown, is usually leading the escapades.

The inspiration for Clown Corner came from the traditions of music halls and vaudeville as much as the circus, giving the program a look and feel that is quite unique. This is a world that is different from the mainstream children’s television productions.

Clown Corner was filmed on a 50-metre custom-designed and built set at the Rich Entertainment studio in South Australia featuring a gritty urban setting and an atmospheric street-scape. This gives the show a quirky, art-house feel. There are no lolly-pop coloured sets in Clown Corner! The action is set at night, giving the show a distinctive twilight quality.

There is no dialogue; the action is accompanied by a voice-over. This could easily be re-recorded in another language. The accompanying soundtrack features music that evokes the period when circus and vaudeville were the premier forms of popular entertainment.

Clown Corner will be a valuable new addition to your children’s programming. It is an original, authentic, low-cost, live-action, Australian content production that looks and feels different from the traditional children’s content.

Rich Entertainment is actively seeking broadcast and production partners for Clown Corner. Opportunities are available for acquisition, commissioning, or licensing in Australia and worldwide.

The Producers envisage that Clown Corner would be a low-cost production featuring a small ensemble cast. The complete Clown Corner set, props and costumes are currently warehoused at the Rich Entertainment studio. These could be shipped to facilitate interstate or overseas production of the series. We also have additional Clown Corner sets that were built for show but not utilised in the pilot episode.

Imagine a world where everyone in town is really a clown!


Clown Corner - Pilot Episode

An Original Comedic Live Action Children’s pilot for television independently created and produced in Australia.


Primary Audience Tweens 6-9

Live Action

HD 1920 x 1080p, 25fps, (PAL)


Duration: 15mins (Pilot)

Contact: Dr Diana Carroll, Co-Producer, 0419 829 667, frontdesk@richentertainment.info

Released by: Stephen Richardson, CEO & Producer, Rich Entertainment Pty. Ltd. www.richentertainment.info