Rich Entertainment is proud to present a new pre-school teleseries
that children will love and parents can trust.

Dr Diana Carroll

English is Fun is a new and original early learning show that children will love and parents can trust.

This exciting and colourful show enriches and enhances the lives of its young viewers as it entertains and engages, educates and empowers. English is Fun values its young audience as being curious, creative, and able participants in the viewing and learning experience. It encourages the audience to participate and never underestimates the abilities of its young viewers.

English is Fun will be a valuable new addition to your pre-school programming. It looks, sounds, and feels like entertainment but has a strong pedagogical foundation. It encourages co-viewing as the young viewer's family shares in the learning experience. English is Fun could be viewed and shared in the home, at childcare, or in pre-school and kindergarten. Watching even just one episode will enable a viewer of any age to say and recognise some key words and phrases with confidence.

Presenter Miss Tuppy warmly encourages the viewers to watch, listen, and participate. Children can see, hear, listen, and say the words aloud, building their literacy skills, their conversational capabilities, their word recognition, and their language confidence.

Each episode introduces new key words used in simple sentence structures. Repetition of these key words and phrases is used to make learning a stimulating and fun-filled activity that harnesses every child's innate sense of humour and their natural love of mimicry and imitation. The words are illustrated with original on-location footage, integrated animated sequences, and in-studio presentation. The original English is Fun footage has been shot around the world to give the program an inclusive global identity.

English is Fun is made to exacting standards. The production values have not been compromised because it is for young viewers. The program is sophisticated and stylised, designed to enhance a child's visual literacy along with their language literacy. The use of original orchestral instrumentation in the soundscape stimulates and extends the viewer's aural literacy.

The English is Fun early-learning entertainment concept is perfectly suited to the digital environment and multi-platform applications. These multi-platform opportunities will be both entertaining and educational, offering the young audience appealing ways to engage and interact with the content. Importantly, parents will be secure in the knowledge that this is a safe digital space for their young children. An interactive website with learning extension activities and support materials could be developed for both the young learner and parents or teachers. Mobile applications could also be developed as learning prompts and entertainment opportunities. Once established, the English is Fun brand and the Miss Tuppy character could be easily extended across multiple products and numerous market segments.

Appropriate merchandising opportunities would include a range of DVDs featuring both the tele-series episodes and special DVD titles such as English is Fun Colours and English is Fun Animals. A range of age-appropriate books, in both hard-copy and e-book format, could also be introduced. English is Fun Roadshows featuring personal appearances by Miss Tuppy could be staged at shopping centres and community events to further build the brand. The English is Fun brand could also be attached to English language playgroups and conversation clubs for children and their families in key markets.

English is Fun is created and produced by Rich Entertainment, an independent television production company with its own studio and dedicated facilities. It is a unique and imaginative program in mixed media for the pre-school audience. The Pilot Episode (Ep 3, S1) is 11 minutes (PAL). We believe this is the ideal length for the pre-school audience and know that many international series have adopted the 11 minute format.

English is Fun is available now for acquisition, commissioning, or licensing worldwide.

STUDIOS 1 & 2, 37 Liddon Place Port Adelaide 5015 South Australia