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Demand for Literacy Education

In English-speaking countries across the world, English language competence is the cornerstone of educational attainment. Language skills and literacy competence are vital to effective participation in society and achieving a good quality of life. It is already established that there is a crisis in school-leaver and adult literacy levels. The foundation for these skills is established in the pre-school years.

Many socio-cultural factors have contributed to create a need for English is Fun in the programming schedules of these English-speaking countries. Levels of school-leaver literacy are worryingly low and employers say this is a key barrier to employment. Population diversity means many children grow up in English-as-a-second language families where a language other than English is spoken at home; these children often need additional English language exposure to achieve optimum educational outcomes. Children in indigenous families may also need additional English language assistance to do well in school. A foundational English language and literacy program such as English is Fun could be of enormous importance to the children of migrant or refugee families. The program could also benefit older members of the family who can learn basic language and literacy skills in their own time, either alone or through co-viewing with their young siblings, children and grandchildren.

We also know that time-poor parents now spend very little time sharing language-based activities with their children such as reading and story-telling. Many community literacy initiatives have been introduced, such as reading groups and book clubs, to redress this problem. English is Fun will be another important tool in the campaign to enhance literacy skills and language competence.

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