Rich Entertainment is proud to present a new pre-school teleseries
that children will love and parents can trust.

Producers' Statement

The team at Rich Entertainment is proud to have created and produced English is Fun. We were driven to achieve excellence in creating a new program for pre-schoolers that entertains, educates, engages and empowers each and every young viewer as being creative, curious and capable.

We believe parents, broadcasters, and the wider community, want to see children's programming that is intelligent and ethical with content that combines entertainment with education. We also believe the pre-school audience deserves programming that respects them as individuals and active participants, not just passive viewers.

Rich Entertainment is committed to producing children's programming that gives the young audience a meaningful and valuable experience. English is Fun offers young children a safe, supportive, and creative environment full of encouragement, fun, warmth, and positivity.

We are committed to helping our young audience achieve their potential, explore their possibilities, realise their aspirations, and find inspiration in their world. We want English is Fun to be part of their world.

English is Fun does more than just teach literacy and language confidence; it also communicates and reinforces important social and civic values such as respect, empathy, equity, and humour. The program strives to embrace diversity, to be gender neutral, and to avoid any stereotyping or prejudice related to age, gender, body image, religion, or culture. The producers are committed to ethical programming.

Co-producer and Presenter Dr Diana Carroll (Miss Tuppy) has a professional background in training, education, and communication in Australia and overseas, including extensive teaching in Malaysia and Hong Kong. She holds a Master's degree in Communication Management and a Doctorate in Communication. Producer and Director Stephen Richardson is an experienced film-maker and photographer who has taught at art schools and universities. He holds a Masters Degree in Visual Arts and is a Member of the European Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters.

STUDIOS 1 & 2, 37 Liddon Place Port Adelaide 5015 South Australia